joy and disillusion at djent styles

After hearing djent guitar styles and alike, I was eager to put my hands on bariton 8-strings guitar. My pocket allowed me only entry level Harley Benton, so be it. Guitar came in very quickly in 5 working days, well packed, no damage. Complete with a with a thin starter cable with plastic coated jacks. The guitar itself is surprisingly well built for such a price and pick ups sound surprisingly well and meaty too, even at the neck position. That's the main pros. Now the cons I spotted after 4 months of use. The action is too high at the nut and bridge and even with that power chords with 010-074 gauge strings are completely unusable, but that's maybe a fault of the strings. Tuning keys are way too sensitive for lower strings, making it unreasonably hard to precisely tune, and somewhat unstable, hard bends on lower strings must be excluded from playing styles, otherwise they will go out of tune instantly. All in all, I'm happy with the price and don't regret my order and looking forward to do some tech fixes myself.