Harley Benton R-458 vs Ibanez RG8

As an owner of both guitars, I can see that almost every feature and measurement of this is extremely similar to the RG8. And why not, right? Both great guitars. The frets are about half an inch smaller all along the neck, in comparison to the Jumbo frets on the Ibanez.

This Harley Benton is the best and cheapest entry-level 8 string on the market. However the pickups are very bad and noisy in comparison to the Ibanez. The Ibanez delivers the clairty you hear in modern progressive metal bands, and the warmth and diversity for everything else. The Harley Benton sounds embarrassingly weak, but pulls off clean tones well enough to be enjoyable.

The Harley Benton is great for playing unplugged. It's about 1/3 lighter than the Ibanez due to the smaller, rounded body and the smaller fretboard makes it easier to get used to using the 7th and 8th strings.

The tone/volume pots and very delicate, consider taking the back panel off and reinforcing them, using them lightly is the only way to avoid damaging them as they are cheaply fixed at the back.

Consider taking it to a technician as it probably went through a cheap set up, mine needed intonating and the string height adjusted to avoid the 7th and 8th string fret/string buzz, which you will get on the Ibanez too.

If you're buying an 8 string for the first time, buy this one. If/when the novelty wares off then you won't have wasted £300 more for the Ibanez. If you have the money, and don't like hoarding/testing guitars, buy the Ibanez!