An elegant and affordable 8-String starter

I got this guitar because I wanted to start playing around with extended range instruments.

My first impressions were very good despite the fact that the head-stock had a small broken piece. It most likely broke during shipping.

The guitar has a very nice shapes, it's contours are all rounded and there are not rough edges.

The high gloss black finish also looks nice.

The fretboard did not have any sharp fret, there is however a bit of buzz that should be fixed with a bit of a setup.

As I've never played an 8 string, I was quite concerned about the neck being too thick, however to my surprise the neck is really thin and is a bliss to play on, after a couple of hours it really felt like this instrument was no different from my 6 string in terms of playability.

The string that were already on the guitar seem a bit bigger that the one indicated on the sale page, the low F# must be an .85

I needed a little while to find how to bring the best out of these hi-gain pickups. I may change the bridge one with a Pegasus as a more versatile choice.

Overall, an amazing starting point and a great instrument to have in your arsenal!