Amazing Guitar Good Craftsmanship . BUT one problem

I've been searching for an 8 string to play with for a long time because I've been wanting to try one. I've heard about this guitar from Henning Pauly of YouTube Channel EytschPi42 and Glen Friecker of YouTube Channel

SpectreSoundStudios. And if not for them I would have never come across Harley Benton at all.

The Guitar is constructed very well. Sounds amazing in my mixes. But My only problem was that there were sharp fret ends on bot sides of the fretboard. Nothing an experienced guitarist can't fix. Aside from that I have no other problems with the guitar. Because I'm so satisfied with Harley Benton guitars, I'm considering starting a collection of Harley Benton guitars. The FanFret-7 BBB 2018 DLX is next on my list. Thank you Thomann for this brand of guitars.