Perfect introduction to 8 strings

I bought this guitar after playing one at a friends house. I was suprised by how comfortable it was to play, after a few moments the thin but sturdy neck really welcomes your fretting hand. The neck is well finished and the frets are perfectly fitted with no sharp edges often found on cheaper guitars.

The build quality of this is really something special considering how cheap it is. The machine heads could do with being a bit tighter/higher ratio'd but thats a nitpick complaint. Also the pickups are a bit on the muddy side but thats to be expected from budget instruments. When playing through amplifiers it does show, however through a vst the sound is more than adequate for recording.

The range of tones is superb from jangly and deep arrpegios to some serious chugging which is hard to resist on high gain settings.

Id recommend this instrument to anyone looking for something unique yet infinitely usable for their collection.