Deadly Lightning metal band, Sirius Calling metal band

Come on guys ........ this is a dream that coming trew. Thoman Santa Claus Christmas all year long!!!! This baby was a dream for years...and now in my hands...the 8 string fantasy for only 155 $.

The range of the things you can do with such guitar its unlimited, the fatness of the sound when you go under the six strings its extremely rare, in the acoustic stuff you have a fantastic tone, strong but clean.....thing Metallica.....About the hard riffs its about the right fx and distortion to have clean sound even in the last bass Fa# string...the hall thing is to practise a lot with this beast just cause its something new and sometimes comfusing for the fingers that knows only the 6 string stuff.....after a waile this gonna be your favorite guitar.

Thanks Thoman for this opportunity in this mad price!!!!

Aias Lightning, lead singer (multinstrumentalist) & composer of Deadly Lightning & Sirius Calling metal bands.