Perfect to take confidence with 8 string

All this guitar needs to be perfect is a pickups swap and a set of locking tuners. Scale is short (25.5) but it won't be a problem if you stay in standard tuning. I put an arranged by me 08-11-14-19-28w-38-54-70 set of string on it and I have no problem at all with string tension. I also managed to obtain perfect intonation of octaves, you won't have problem pushing saddles back, on the contrary I had to put string saddles for the first two highest strings all the way forward. Truss rod it's perfectly adjustable and now I have low action with no string buzzing, frets are well rounded and polished with no sharp edges, neck is slim and comfy.

But pickups sound awful, you can use them at home for practicing but swapping them as soon as possible is mandatory. Tuners are not that bad but to have a perfect professional instrument I would change that too.

Finish has some minor flaw (little scratch on neck joint, and black paint mark on the neck). Best bangg for the buck for sure!