After watching a load of Rob Scallon videos on YouTube, I decided it was time to try out an 8-string guitar. I had never played an 8-string before this purchase, nor have I ever played a 7-string, and so I was dreading the increased neck width, which I was expecting to be overwhelming, much like it is (for me anyway) on a 6-string bass.

Thankfully the increased neck width didn't really phase me, and the whole guitar felt quite comfortable to play, despite the few sharp frets. Much to my surprise the lightweight guitar is actually nicely balanced and not even remotely headstock heavy.

So this guitar has impressed me twice straight out of the box. On top of that all of the hardware seems pretty solid.

Although, I'm not a big fan of the pick-ups, they're a little too bland for my tastes (but since I'm running it through a Marshall Valvestate 8080, they still sound pretty good). And finally the fretboard needs a clean, which seems to be a trend among all the Harley Benton guitars I have played: they all seem to come with dirty fret boards, nothing a drop of lemon oil won't fix when I change the strings.

Overall it's a pretty solid guitar, which I've got tuned to some form of Open F (FCFACGCE). It needs a bit of a setup, a clean and a new set of strings.