Amazing Value for the price

If you are looking for a quality 8 string guitar with great value, this is the guitar for you. This beast has amazing tone and construction for the price and can definitely be used in a gig setting as well as the studio.


The strings that come stock are not the best and I recommend switching them out immediately. On my model, the input jack was a little loose. An easy fix but it's definitely something to watch, just to be safe.

And finally, the instrument definitely needs a setup. The intonation is a little off and fret buzz is abound. You can also use a fret wrap to mitigate this but a set up is definitely recommended.

This guitar is an excellent choice for that djent sound or technical death metal tone, but does so much more. Such as experimental open tunings, ambient guitar, the works. You get a quality instrument that holds a tune for less than half the price of the typical extended range. While it may not match the quality of the most high quality fenders or Gibsons, it can easily hold it's own between a mid range fender and a high range Epiphone. Well worth the price