Great Value!

As I suspect many of the Harley Benton guitars are not made from the finest materials and hardware this 8 string is a great value for the price. I have had mine for three months and played it A LOT! Two string changes later it's still going strong! In my opinion it's a great way to get familiar with an 8 string without being a major investment.


The hardware is actually quite decent, the finish also very good! Intonation and setup were surprisingly good and the design is quite pleasant. It actually being a 25.5 scale makes transition from 6 string more straight forward compared to many that are more of a baritone scale. Seriously wouldn't mind having the 6 string version.


The pickups are WAY to hot as well as not being especially well wax potted as there are more micro phonics than anything else I own. The pickups overload virtually any preamp I jack into.

The strings are generally fine with the exception the lowest is simply too big. I changed to GHS Boomer XL 8 string set which has a noticeably thinner lowest string and is more suitable for the guitar IMO.

Finally, the rest is on Thomann. The product description is wrong, it has black hardware (preferred) vise the chrome and I wish they would state the fretboard radius. The shipping package design virtually guarantees the guitar will likely get some minor headstock damage in shipping! Mine was literally protruding through the internal box showing it had received unrestricted impact because there is zero headstock protection within the packaging! My damage was minor enough I chose to not be concerned, it's an inexpensive guitar.

As I started, it is a great value and would certainly buy it again!