Experimenting with 8 String

(All feedback is after a week of owning/playing this guitar)

So I had been waiting to get one of these for some time and once I finally got my hands on one, it has not disappointed. I predominantly play Bass but write on 6 string guitar alot and decided to expand my horizons and try out an 8 string to write different genres and styles, and this edition from Harley Benton is (in my opinion) a great place to start if you're wanting an 8 String without the price tag.

The feel of the instrument is solid, well built and to be honest, alot nicer of a fit and finish than i was expecting for its price tag.

The tone of the guitar is again solid for the price of it, and might be due to only having a VOX VT60+ to play it through but I'm getting some solid Metal/Djent tones from this instrument. I will probably install some "higher end" 8 string pick ups in time but the stock ones are more than enough for anyone needing a decent 8 string tone.

Would recommend to anyone needing a starter 8 string!