Fantastic intro 8-string for the price

I wanted to try out an 8-string without investing too much cash. It took me all of about 20 minutes to fall completely in love with this guitar.

Pros :

Cost - it's incredibly cheap for what u get.

Setup - It turned up with the action low & all the strings were well intonated except the bottom 2 which needed tiny adjustment.

Ergonomics - I'm a lady with small hands & I feel like this was made for me!

Neck - Satin feeling neck at the back where u lay your thumb, a little less smooth on the neck edges but I only noticed when I ran my fingers down the neck sides to check the fret job.

Frets - The frets on mine are very well dressed, nothing sticking out or sharp.

Tuning stability - It had to be tuned everyday when it first arrived as I live in a very humid country & I stretched the strings a bit...after a week, it seems to have stabilised & it's holding tune pretty well the last couple of days - don't really needed to adjust much before playing.

Weight - The body is surprisingly light which is great for me but with the solid maple neck has a bit of neck dive.

Pickups - Mine sound great so far - the high end sounds clear to me, bottom end could maybe have some more separation but hey I'm tuning down to E - I'm happy for the price! U can upgrade!

Looks - It's really pretty.

Cons :

Neck dive - due to the weight of the beautiful maple neck.

Flaws - Mine had a black mark on the nut.

A tinyl crack in the body where the neck is set - prob just a surface paint/gloss crack, haven't noticed any probs with it.

Packaging/Delivery - Turned up with it bashed & slightly open at the headstock end of the box & so the headstock got a little bash at the top spike but the neck was unaffected so I'm not bothered & I can sand it out - I would prefer Thomann to put a little more padding around the headstock & perhaps mark the box with 'This Way Up' as my local delivery guys delivered it upside down prob due to the neck end being heavier than the body so I assume it was sitting on it's head for a couple of days.

I've only had this for about a week, I can't put it down! So much fun to play! It's comfortable, sounds great, is holding tune & a great entry level 8-string.