Super cheap, but requires a little work

This guitar is my intro to extended range guitars, i have never played more than a six string. Fan frets are really easy to get used to.

The guitar looks beautiful from afar, but the attention to details is a little lacking.


You can see the scratch marks from the sanding under the finish and the paint is missing in the hole for the pickup selector. The finish of the neck is a nice satin, feels really good in the hands. The profile of the neck is fairly rectangular with prominent "shoulders".

The fret ends are dressed decently, but the levelling is not very well done and the frets are not recrowned and polished, so there is some fret buzz, intonation is a tiny bit off and the rough surface of the frets makes bends feel awkward. The nut is quite terrible, I will definitely change it.

The pickups are a bit muddy, but that was no surprise and they can easily be changed.

Overall it's a nice intro to extended range guitars, but only if you are capable of tweaking some things and setting the guitar up properly. For the price it's definitely worth it.