For a £20-something pedal, it's pretty damn impressive

I didn't plan on buying this pedal, truthfully, I was hoping to one day get some kind of overdrive pedal (maybe a Maxon OD808) as a booster for my amp to record hard rock/metal guitar tracks for my own music.

I was shopping for some stuff on thomann and I came across this pedal, looked like a clone of the Maxon OD808 (sounded pretty close to one too), it was nice & cheap, and after looking at some reviews and demos of this pedal on YouTube and so on, I liked what I heard, and decided to throw it into the shopping cart. It seemed like an absolute steal considering how it sounded and how much it costs, and even if it didn't sound all that great, it wouldn't have been much of a loss.

After unboxing it and sticking in a 9v battery I tested this thing out on my valve amp, on a high gain setting of course |m| and I must say, I was really impressed with the sound of this pedal, it gave my amp a more tight and articulated sound, much better than how my amp sounds with no overdrive pedal to assist the tone. It does give a good 'tube-like' sound to your amp whether you're using it on a clean or a distorted setting, and you can use it for a light crunch or a full on overdrive.

In terms of build quality it feels pretty solid, all contained in a little green metal box, the knobs feel nice and sturdy, don't feel like they're gonna just fall off or anything. Could probably take a good stomping before it starts wearing down. I don't know how it'll fair in a live scenario, I've only been using this pedal for recording purposes, if you do takes this pedal out to gigs, do so at your own risk.

It's easy to work the controls on this pedal too, nothing complicated about it at all. Pretty much has the controls you'd expect from your average overdrive pedal. Similar to the OD808 it has a drive, tone and volume function, doesn't take a genius to figure out what those do.

Now, there are other pedals that are 'technically' better than this one, and may be more favourable than this one, but that does not mean it's no good, this pedal does hold it's ground against it's more expensive competitors. And for the price you absolutely cannot go wrong with this, for a £/?20-something pedal, it's pretty damn impressive.

If you have a little money to spend on a cheap but great sounding overdrive pedal, take a serious look into one of these.