Great Cheap OD alternative

I play Metal/Metalcore - think Killswitch Engage basically.

I've recently got back into playing guitar after playing drums in bands for a number of years so i'm building my amp/pedal collection up.

I wanted to try out an Overdrive infront of a high gain amp, but didn't want to fork out £100 for a maxon 808 - which i'm sure is better than this pedal.

If you're looking these up for metal/metalcore you probably already know the score, set the drive to around 0, tone to your liking (but probably around 12/1 oclock and the volume pretty much dimed and it works as an overdrive.

For the price of this pedal, it does the job - chugs are clearer and i get way more sustain for solo's especially using a neck pickup.

I have tried it on the clean channel as a normal over drive with 'drive' actually set, and the drive is ok - but there's probably better pedals out there for this.

If you want to try out an overdrive pedal for boosting an amp, it's defintely worth the money.

Build quality is ok, the jack inputs are a bit stiff but the casing feels strong so i'd say itself is strong/metal so it's giggable not like the behringer pedals.

The foot switch is a bit stiff and not smooth, but then again what more to expect from a cheap pedal?

I'll probably upgrade to a maxon 808 in the future, but for now as part of a cheap home practice rig it's doing the job well!