Harry Hartmann Fiberreed Onyx Bb- Clarinet MS

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Reed for Bb clarinets

  • Boehm system
  • Strength: medium soft (corresponds to 2.0)
  • Made from carbon fibre-reinforced resin (also referred to as the Carbon Onyx fiberreed)
  • A light response, warm bass, powerful treble, and easy-to-reach high note register
  • Keeps for 20-30x longer than traditional cane reeds
  • Are 100% ready-to-play from the word go
  • No warming up is necessary
  • Extremely tear resistant and stable
  • Do not dry out as they do not absorb moisture
  • Can be repurchased at any time in exactly the same strength
  • Hygienic and easy to clean
  • Odour-free even after prolonged use

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