Heyday's Clean Brass & Bronze

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Clean Brass & Bronze

  • Is a new cleaning- and polishing fluid
  • Especially developed for bare brasswind and percussion instruments made of copper, brass, bronze, nickel silver and other copper alloys.
  • In contrast to common polishes, HEYDAY’S – Clean Brass & Bronze only removes the tarnish film and does not affect the base-metal
  • Specific, synthetic and round polishing particles gently clean the surface and polish it until it reaches a high gloss finish. During the polishing process, the particles disintegrate into smaller and smaller parts.
  • For a long-term protection against tarnishing and corrosion we recommend the regular use of HEYDAY’S – tarnish protection or a permanent coating with HEYDAY’S – manufactura / clear.
  • Biologically degradable

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