Perfect and Multipurpose


Yes summarize with one word "multipurpose" I spent two weeks researching and testing what the best sound for an overdrive pedal, I tested Electro Harmonix Soul Food, Boss SD-1 Boss BD-2, Boss OD-1X Overdrive Boss OD 3, MXR Zakk Wylde Berzerker Overdrive, and Chegui the comclusão that all these cited in the test are basic, is limited in my opinion.

When it came time to test Ibanez -TS9 was a surprise, with a Fender Super Reverbs perfect sound you can feel the valves scream, Marshall

DSL100H also perfect, my neighbor asked to turn the volume down, only I had traveled in sound, picked up my Fender Mustang I VII and the TS-9 working very well.

In conclusion, Ibanez TS-9 worth every cent paid, you can play Blues, Rock and Metal easy next to a Big Muff TS-9 boosts for a strong sound and the heavy unequaled, first choice for SRV and Kirk Hammett now I know why It was and is unequaled.

(Forget test on YouTube, or any video for pedals, you need to feel the pedal for yourself, you never know the trick used to fool your choice)