The pedal that makes your OD or Distortion awesome!

I use my Ibanez TS Mini always before a drive, i'm currently using a zvex Mastotron, TC electronic Dark Matter and the OD of a fender Hot Rod Deluxe. The TS mini alone isn't my cup of tea, i like more agressive drives but using the Ts mini with very little drive before another pedal makes every riff sound a lot better.

The knobs have a nice feel and the footswitch is well built. It's tiny so you can fit it anywhere on your pedalboard.

The only con i need to point out it's the the smaller knobs don't have white indicator to tell you what's your current setting. A white marker solves this but Ibanez should make them already with the markings on every knob.

Price: Smaller, cheaper but awesome nonetheless compared to it's bigger brothers.