It is a real TubeScreamer

I am proud of vintage gear just like the next guy. For example, I really love my Marshall Guv'nor from the 80s, not only because it sounds great, but also for its historical value. I would have nothing against a vintage TS9 or TS808, I would probably love them if I had one. However, I do not believe that new gear can never match the magical tones of vintage gear. My view on it is... it depends! While there are many reissues of legendary gear whose quality is questionable, that is not always the case. The key is: try for yourself and check how it sounds. That's what I did with this TS Mini. I really believe that it sounds just like a TubeScreamer is supposed to sound. Its build quality is super solid. And its size is super pedalboard friendly. You get a real TubeScreamer for a very good price. What is not to like?