I bought this OD with the purpose of tightening the bottom end, just to discover that it's a Swiss army knife pedal, delivering from mild to heavy overdriven tones. As you may know the Ibanez TS are well known for their mid frequencies which also help cut in very well in the mix, so if you are looking for a FAT overdrive I advise to look elsewhere.

The only down side for me is that being the purpose of the smaller footprint to save in size, they should have put the 9v input on the side and not on the top, so if you are in need of saving space, please don't forget that, it might make a difference.

For me this is an always ON pedal, being used for both delivering a mild OD on the clean channel, and tightening the bottom end on the lead channel. If that's your purpose, look no further, here's your winner!