Keith McMillen QuNeo

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USB MIDI controller

  • 16 square pads with 127 velocity levels
  • X / Y positioning - individually pressure-sensitive - corners with different functions
  • 2 rotary sensors - each sensor measures the pressure, angle and distance from the center
  • 9 touch-sensitive sliders - LEDs in the controllers respond as VU meters
  • All pads, sliders, rotary sensors and 17 switches are sensitive to touch and pressure and register exactly where the touch takes place
  • Visual feedback of the elastomeric surfaces with 251 multi-colour LEDs
  • QuNeo has exactly the size of an iPad (V1) and fits into corresponding brackets
  • Supports USB, OSC and MIDI (requires optional Midi Expander: #267967#)
  • Supports all popular music software applications directly "out of the box"

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