Made in Germany!

I was looking for a way to keep my headphones nearby without just laying them down on the desk or hanging them over my secondary screen.

All alternatives were either made in China or weren't specified (which by default means China) but then I found out at least these specific products of K&M are made in Germany!

Easy to install on any kind of desk, table or surface if there's enough space at the edge for it to clamp onto. It easily holds up to 2 headphone sets and keeps hanging, solid as a rock.

The major advantage to adhering something permanently is that you can take this one off completely or place it somewhere else without any trouble.

Very happy I found this product after looking around for a while. They're great to use in any kind of studio or for casual home use.

My only word of advice would be to Konig & Meyer in that they should advertise the "Made in Germany" aspect more as it's definitely a strong point for me and many other consumers!