Lehle Dual SGoS

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  • For two amps plus tuner with high impedance LTHZ transformer and gain reduction
  • The Lehle Dual switches the signal via gold-plated relays to outputs A, B or T
  • Outputs A and B can be operated at the same time on two different amps, since A to B is galvanically isolated by the high-end transformer Lehle LTHZ - ground loops are thereby excluded
  • With the potentiometers, the outputs A and B can be attenuated separately
  • The output T is available for a tuner or a third amp
  • The two inputs can be stereo-routed to outputs A and B.
  • In addition, the Lehle Dual has a gold-plated phase reversal and a ground switch
  • The Lehle Dual can be controlled via MIDI and networked with other Lehle SGoS switches
  • Power supply available as an option

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