Lehle Mono Volume

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Volume pedal

  • Operates wear-free via a precision magnetic sensor
  • Without a mechanical potentiometer
  • Volume from -92 dB (mute) to 0 dB (unity gain), or +12 dB (boost with adjustable potentiometer)
  • No damping of higher frequencies
  • No sound loss
  • Supply voltage is rectified, filtered, stabilized and doubled to 18V
  • Total dynamic range of 110 dB by use of a Blackmer VCA
  • Low-friction bearings
  • Finely adjustable brake
  • Buffered direct-out as an output for a tuner or second amp
  • Power supply via a 9V - 15V DC or oder 7 - 12 V AC (coaxial power connector - polarity is not relevant, corresponding power suppy available under Article Nr #409939# (not included, must be ordered separately)

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