Maintronic MP602 Multichannel Eventplayer

835 € Including VAT and shipping costs
Medium-term availability (about 1-2 weeks)

Product Details

Multi-channel player

  • Prof. mp3 stereo multichannel player
  • Via int. slot can be be expanded up to 6x MP3 stereo players (xmp3-card: Article Nr #245654#)
  • Equipped with 1 xmp3 stereo card
  • Synchronised playback of all 6 stereo players
  • 7 Programmable GP i/o
  • Programmable playback functions via XML configuration
  • SD card slot
  • Requires only one SD card for all six players
  • Balanced stereo output per player
  • RS232 interface with RTS / CTS Com1 and RS485 interface as an Actor T-Bus or Com2
  • Reverse side: 25-pin Sub-D multi-pin out with 6x bal. stereo out 230V
  • Construction: 19", 2U


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