Sturdy but flawed

These stands are used to elevate wedding band stage lighting (alternating between two Stairville HLX-18's and a 4-led bar).


- Thick, sturdy tubing doesn't seem liable to denting or bends the way other cheaper stands can be.

- Raise/Lower mechanism makes it very easy to raise lights up much higher than you would normally be able to (safely) reach.

- Threaded M10 hole at top. A lot of stands don't have this and need it added with an adaptor, but its presence here is very useful for adding T-bars, lights etc.


- Fold/Unfold mechanism somewhat sticky and not particularly smooth, leads to a degree of wrestling on occasion.

- Crank handle and mechanism does not feel overly sturdy and I feel it will break soon, particular the yellow plastic tab that 'holds' the main bar in place once raised. It does not seem that this is particularly fit for long term, regular use.

In review: great, sturdy stands, but as other reviews have stated, I feel prolonged heavy use on the crank handle/mechanism will lead to it failing sooner rather than later