Very good for its price!

I have to admit, I was a bit skeptic about this stand which I received as a bundle along with my Startone acoustic guitar. I was initially looking for a beginner and cheap guitar for my sister and I have read that both the Millenium stand and Startone brand are made my Thomann itself. For the cheap price paid, I was not expecting much of a quality stuff since it was part of a cheap bundle.

Once I received the package in time and neatly packed as always by Thomann all the way from Germany to Mauritius, I was really surprised by this stand. It is looks very rigid and has a bit of weight, which makes it very stable. It holds the acoustic guitar which I bought very well and I am really happy with my purchase!

Don't let the price fool you, and even if it is part of a free bundle, this stand is very good. Am am sure there are more expensive stands out there that will do the same job as this one and will not beat this one in terms of quality. The stand holds the guitar perfectly and looks very beautiful in its matte black colour. Height is also adjustable.

Highly recommended and thank you again Thomann for your professionalism. Never let me down.