This is great!

So I was looking at guitar stands!

Having browsed Thomann for almost every page and looked at every guitar stand there is I came to the conclusion that I don't have the budget to reach out for an expensive stand. Having it ordered with my guitar meant that like 90% of my budget was going on my guitar obviously!

So I saw this and thought to myself.. hey, it's cheap, even if it's terrible I'll just give it away or sell it to someone or do whatever with it, keep it for parts!

Well I ordered 2 of these for me and a friend and their good! It's stable and keeps your instrument in place!

Does it feel super premium? Of course not, it's not even 6 euro's! But who cares. Sure you can maybe get one that's horrible but mine is perfectly usable!

I couldn't find any flaw in this. So I gave it a 10/10. Maybe other people had lower quality ones but I feel that mine is great!