Works great on Jazz bass

I own several different guitar stands of various makes and shapes. This is by far the best cheap guitar stand I have brought.

Its not as good as my Hercules stand with the auto yoke, but that's a £30 stand by comparison. The Hercules is of more sturdy build and the auto yoke for gripping the neck is handy if you're too lazy to attach a manual neck tie.

The millenium GS-2000 is in my opinion sturdy enough for home use.

It has a good wide base stand so that it is nice and stable and doesn't rock around. The manual tie for holding the guitar at the neck is adequate for the job.

Height is adjustable.

One really good feature, that I've seen someone else review as a negative, is that the bracket/seat for the base of the guitar swivels. On most stands its firmly fixed in place. Why is this a good thing? Well for anyone who's tried to use a stand on a guitar with a weird shaped/angled bottom like a Jazz bass for example will know that they don't usually sit well. The swivel bracket/seat on this stand allows a jazz bass to sit perfectly upright and cradled equally on its bottom edge.

For this price I really can't see any negatives. An auto neck yoke would be nice but I've only seen them on Hercules stands and I wouldn't expect that for this price.

I think I'm likely to purchase a couple more to replace some of my other stands.