Nothing to complain about for the price

A perfectly fine guitar stand for the price.

Perhaps it is not the sturdiest thing out there, but considering the costs it is more than adequate. The construction seems solid, both the legs and the adjustable height are good. Also, there's a handy rubber lock for the neck so that the guitar doesn't fall out of the stand. I happen to have two more of this same stand, and I've had 'em for nearly three years. I use them in the studio, or on stage, and they do just fine. Also, it fits many types of guitars, not just electric: I've kept bases, acoustics and classical guitars on it. Though, I'm not sure that it would fit some of the odder shapes, like, say, an explorer or a flying v, as I hadn't had any of them to try it out.

Again, it is not the sturdiest stand out there, for sure, so if You bump into it it may tip over, but I guess that applies to nearly all stands, unless they are bolted into the ground. In any case, definitely better than having Your guitars lying about.

Don't really have any complaints, it does what it's supposed to do, and for the price it's a steal, would recommend.