Sturdy, brutish, efficient.

Now when I look for a guitar stand, there are two indispensable qualities I try to find.

The first one is that it stands. And guess what? This guitar stand, does stand, ladies and gentlemen. It feels very stable on its feet and does not shake or rattle or rock back and forth.

Out of the box, the pieces feel sturdy and actually hard to bend, and the protective sleeves around the neck and the body holders are okay; nothing that will scratch your instruments.

The second quality I look for is that the stand must be able to... hold a guitar. Bass guitar, electric guitar, acoustic, spanish, you name it, this bad boy does it all.

I do not know whether the height of the stand is adjustable, but as it sits right now next to me, it reaches a little above my knees, if size matters to you.

Overall, this is a very decent guitar stand and if looks aren't capitally important to you, then this is it.

Don't let your guitars sleep on the floor, buy this stand.