Good for the price.

I bought this rack cabinet to house my power conditioners. Other rackmount euipment that might run a little hot would be great candidates for this, since it's all metal and it has the possibility to mount fans on a separated compartment under the top of the cabinet.

Assembling the cabinet was pretty straightforward, following the (very) basic explanations in the assembly manual. But frustratingly I was short of no less than four screws to mount the four support bars for the rack rails. These were sent swiftly by Thomann though. But I whish the amount of included screws would be double-checked at the factory. Not the biggest issue, but still. I had to wait a while to mount my rack gear because of this.

It's in the quality of the moving parts you see where the cost has been cut with this cabinet. The doors front and back is mounted reasonably well to the cabinet, but the lock in the front and the handle is mostly plastic and doesn't seem to be very durable.

All in all, I think it's worth the price. But the makers of this COULD do some minor changes to improve the quality that wouldn't cost too much I think. The cabinet itself looks great though! If you're looking for high build quality that'll last for many years, you should probably save up, but then it would cost way more. I like mine though. Does the job!