Good Rack


Good design.

Looks professional.


- I would have preferred glass on the door instead of plastic.

- Instructions are totally different from the reality. I spent a lot of time to understand how to assemble it.

- In the instructions it is not clear what kind of bolts and where you should use. I found myself lost in the last part as I remained with different kind of bolts for the rack bars.

- It comes in 2 heavy parcels, you will really need help to carry on this rack to your studio, especially if you are not on the ground floor.

- I do not like the part where the instructions inform to avoid direct contact with the wheels to the wood floor as it could be leave tracks you won't remove. I think that it is possible to find different wheels as I am using for my office chair that avoid that situation.

- I would have included M6 cage nuts as well. I had to order them apart from other suppliers.

- Cooler fans are not included.