Either I am extremely unlucky or this pedal isnt great quality

This pedal is not bad for its price I guess but I had issues with it from the very beginning. I will list

- the connector did not want to connect to the right pedal - either the hole is too small or the bolt too big

- on the left side its the opposite - the connector slips out every 5 min of playing(mind you I am no Tomas Haake and just starting with double bass so it was not that intense) so i keep having to attach it back, no matter how i tighten the bolts its still not enough

- after i assembled it once and played, it broke after 2 minutes - main pedal had some loose bolts at chain / beater holder side and I spent 1 hr trying to put it back together(that screw is awkward to get to)

Overall I suppose its okay pedal if you starting, but if you aren't(especially if you are doing the gigs) look elsewhere as it might fail you at most awkward moment