Excellent for beginners

I bought these pedals to replace the single kick pedal included with the e-drums I purchased (also from Thomann). As a beginner, I wanted something that didn't cost too much but also wouldn't impede my learning through lack of quality or functionality. These pedals proved to be of more than acceptable quality and I've yet to outgrow them as my learning and skills have progressed.

The pedals have proved to be incredibly strong and adjustable and have functioned perfectly, without fault even when subjected to quite vigorous use.

Whilst I'm sure that these pedals aren't as quick as some of the more specialist and expensive sets, they've certainly surpassed the expectations I had of them. I play thrash metal and whilst I've got a long way to go before I'm remotely close to matching The Hoglan, I do play quite quickly and these pedals have never left me wanting.

Highly recommended for beginners to intermediate players.