Get your kicks from Thomann!

I'm not a drummer, neither is my son, but we recently bought a second hand drum kit. The pedal we had included with the kit wasn't particularly good, so we decided to look on Thomann for a replacement. As per usual, the Thomann webstore is really good at allowing you to compare different products and their features, and we concluded, that we may as well buy this double pedal, as we both like music from the heavier side of the musical spectrum (and we certainly didn't have the room for a second kick drum either!).

Ordering, tracking and delivery from Thomann is always fast and efficient, and yet again Thomann didn't disappoint!

On receiving the pedals, we were surprised how good they actually looked and the quality was really good! Plenty of adjustment, and well built, these pedals didn't disappoint (I only wish my playing could match their quality!). I also liked the fact that you can set these up as Double pedals, a single pedal, or two independent pedals if you wanted to actually use two kick drums! The case they came included in was also surprisingly good quality and two keys were included for all the adjusting!

I would recommend these pedals to anyone thinking of buying them!