Budget double bass pedal for the masses

The Millenium PD-669 double pass pedal kit, comes in a good bag, well packed and protected, includes a drum key for installation but no instructions for setup. As a beginner and relatively new to drumming i didn't find it too difficult to set up, but for the spring tension on the pedal and other details i would have found it useful to have instructions on how to set it up.

I found the build quality crude but sturdy with plenty of features, i would recommend buying some grease or lube to keep the pedal pristine.

It has good rubber pads and sticks to carpets nicely, it has also two bolts to stick into the ground to help hold it in place when playing.

I use this pedal to learn double bass metal drumming and have found no issue with movement, the clamp is good and adjustable, the bass heads are of good quality and i if you are using it actively the felt will last for a good while.

The foot board is very sturdy and has no jiggle, and is comfortable to play for a long time.

Overall my impressions are good, i find it has amazing build quality for the price. A sturdy but crude double bass pedal but it will get the job done.