Great for starting with a double pedal

i bought these pedals back in 2011 and boy did they do me well, the little metal head i was sure as hell happy to get them, i played them a lot and i mean a lot, did me well, i?ve since moved to a dw 5000 series, but for a ¤69 product that lasted me 5-6 years i recon they done well, the problem i had was the foot bord on the right pedal came off the pin that was holdingit, i did a quick fix for the time before i got my dws, and that was just a welding rod put threw, but all in all, very good for it?s price wouldn?t of expected any more, millennium are really some of the best value for money on the market, i got multiple boom stands from them and there?s no problem, but all in all i can?t fault them, for the price you get a decent pedal, never gave any trouble until the foot bord, there quite light too alot lighter then my 5000 series, so for a beginner i would recommend.