Okay Rack!

In my case, this rack came in a damaged package. I opened it up and there was some minor damage on the side, which made this rack pretty hard to put together. But I was still able to use it in the end and the Thomann guys were nice enough to give me some vouchers in return for damaged goods.

It's not the most stable or the best-made rack I've ever seen, but it does its job. The instructions that come along with it are very unclear and you really have put some time into putting the thing together, even though it looks quite simple.

I use it my home studio, but to tell you the truth I wouldn't buy it again, I've had too much trouble with it in the beginning for such a simple piece of studio furniture.

What I like about is that the 2 wheels in the back come with a small handbrake which is great if you are moving it sometimes or just using it in different rooms.