Eurolite MD-3010 Mirror Ball Motor 40kg

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Eurolite Mirror Ball Motor MD-3010 - suitable for 50-100cm diameter mirror balls. For driving mirror balls up to a max. Total weight of 40 kg, This corresponds to a diameter of 100 cm for EUROLITE mirror balls. The max. Load capacity always refers to the actual weight of the mirror ball including mirror ball chain, safety chain and fastening material (eg screw chain link) approx. 1 revolution per minute. Supplied with IEC power cable. For professional use, eg. For example, in discotheques and meeting places, the provisions of BGV C1 (formerly VBG 70) must be adhered to. The engine must always be installed with a second, independent suspension. Before commissioning, the device must be inspected by an expert. Net weight: 5kg, Dimensions: 280 x 240 x 110 mm, total connected load: 7W


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