Roadrock International Slap Bass In 6 Weeks - Week 3

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  • Slap Bass in 6 Weeks - Week 3
  • Electric bass course in 6 parts
  • Each week offers techniques and concepts that are easy to understand and play, to learn slap bass at a manageable pace
  • Ideal for step-by-step recognition of improvements
  • The teaching material is divided into 6 weeks according to the level of difficulty (1 DVD - 3rd week)
  • in English language

Week 3 includes:

  • The use of subdued and muted tones, also with touch up / peel off (hammer on / pull off)
  • Technical studies with exercises over 8 bars
  • Slaps with and without muting
  • Slaps with and without muting in triplets
  • Shuffles with muted tones in the style of Mark King/Stanley Clarke

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