affects your tone once placed in fx loop

So this pedal is capable of generating some fantastic chorus sounds from deep and wavelike to thin and springy like on thin lizzy 's "Sarah". But the problem with it is that once you place in your fx loop, it straight away changes the tone coming from your amp before its even turned on, which since its true bypass, it shouldnt do. This side effect is a deal breaker for me since I want my dry signal to sound the way it does and I dont want The addition of a pedal to change it in anyway unless its after the pedal is turned on and I get a nice chorus tone out of it. But when its not turned on it leaves your tone sounding thinner and in my opinion, worse. I know Its the pedals fault because when I remove it from the fx loop the tone goes back to normal. I'll just say that its something you should try out before purchasing so youre not disappointed, it might be the pedal for you but is definitely not for me, ill try and swap it for something that doesnt alter my tone at all.