Great microphones, but different than KM84 Predecessor

Have had a chance to use the mics in several different recording situations. Close miking an acoustic guitar in a dry room and in NOS configuration in a concert hall on a piano and soprano soloist.

The mics are fantastic quality! There is absolutely no self noise to speak of. They are crystal clean and extremely sensitive. That being said, it is important to realize that this type of response is not always what you want. There is only a slight HF lift but the the capsules are so sensitive that they seem to feature the high-frequency content of every sound source.

Where a Cello a French horn or a Steinway piano in a live hall may benefit from this, other sources like a hard strummed guitar or a very bright soprano will have a tendency to have the warmth of their mid and low-mid frequency range be over-shadowed by this hyper-real sparkle. An example of this is hearing too much of the pick noise on a strummed guitar and not enough of the tone. And this delicate balance can't easily be fixed by EQ.

However in a mix, this may be the thing you need!

I am definitely keeping these mics.