Neutrik connectors are simply the best!

I have my kemper mounted in a rack case which I use for touring etc. I have made a custom plate on the back for easy access to the connectors I use. Everything is clearly labelled so I just quickly plugin what I need.

This connector serves 2 purposes! 1) It stops any wear and tear on the main Ethernet connector on the back of the kemper. So if anything went wrong, I could just replace the Neutrik one, and I’m back in business without having to send my whole Kemper away! 2) It allows me to use Neutriks Ethercon Connectors on my pedal board cable. On the Kemper pedal board itself, it has an Ethercon connector, which stops the connector from being pulled out or damaged. So I wanted to do the same thing on my rack version. Which this has allowed me to do.

Fantastic product!