My new best friend

I've started to use this keyboard to create demo projects and working outside my home studio instead of my NLM MK2.


It's prety solid made piece of gear have a lot of controls features, coming with the rich software bundle and easily fit in my backpack. Built in arpeggiator is the total fun:)

Pads are sensitive and wery responsive.

Modulation and pitch shift slides is a good addition, compare to the previous model.

Sustain pedal input. I prefer to use my pedal as a stop/start recording button. Very useful.

MIDI TRS. Didn't tried this before, but it's great addition for small controller like this.


The keyboard itself is not very comfortable to play. The keys are hard to push.

Knobs are too small and sometimes they are backlashing.

Overall, its great controller for this price. Light, usefull, a lot of fun.