Good price, lot's of features but a bit disappointing.

I'm going to write a rather detailed review in hope that someone there will make a firmware update that will fix everything because this pedal has a lot of potential and it's a bit wasted.

Pros: This pedal has tons of features: Kill dry (very rare in delay pedals, if you need it you know what I mean), different rhythmic modes, tap tempo, character adjustments with the editor and even reverb! It's also pretty small and light and very inexpensive! Great buy!

Cons: As a Space Echo emulator, the sound quality and texture you get with extensive feedback is very disappointing, as well as the effect of changing time/pitch which is just not really doing that much. Somehow the feedback gets thin and uninteresting very quickly and it doesn't feel like there is much more to do with it. Playing with feedback and time on a Boss DD3/5/6/7 or on any Line6 delay sounds way better and fuller, so if you're in for the crazy delay sounds / long ambient textures maybe wait for a good firmware update or buy something else. If you just want a proper "I play a note and I want some decaying repetitions" delay this one is cool.

More cons: Kill dry is a global setting. It could have been a "per-mode" setting like in the Flashback II - much more useful! Also the editor is somewhat buggy which can be annoying.

This can all be fixed with firmware. PLEASE NUX people: Fix the feedback algorithm! And make "kill dry" not a global setting. There are so many modes on the mode button, it should be possible to have some of them with dry and some without...