Fantastic buy!

First of all let me say that the honeymoon period is not yet over, however I feel like I m in position to objectively review this item.

1) Build quality: The build quality seems very good, only time will tell how roadworthy it is but as a first impression it doesn't feel like a 'cheap' pedal. Sure, the pots are directly mounted on the pcb but everything has a pleasant feeling when operating. In my pedal, the battery compartment door almost falls off on its own but it doesn't really bother me as I'd never use a battery with that other than testing and I have Velcro-ed the backside.

Sound: This is where it gets interesting. The stock presets are nice and can be adjusted on the spot with the 3 pots. However, for me the power of this pedal is the PC editor which allows you to manipulate many parameters like # of heads, sync of each head, wow, flutter, saturation, reverb, eq, etc. Unfortunately with the currect firmware, you can only save one preset, which you recall during powering the pedal, which means you can't use/manipulate any of the stock presets anymore without unplugging and replugging the power of the pedal (in which case, you can't use your saved preset). So, to be clear - you either load your one preset and no knob on the pedal is interactive or you use the 7 presets and the knobs. Also, it might not be clear from the manual, but you cannot overwrite the stock 7 settings. It would be great to be able to overwrite the stock 7 presets but this is not possible - you can create only one sound which is recalled during power-up and doesn't allow for manipulation of the pedal knobs anymore - you play with that sound only. You can save many 'profiles' on your pc but in order to switch between them you'd need to connect to your PC, etc.

Price: The price is unbeatable

Conclusion: The pedal is amazing, can't believe how much pedal you get for the price. My only complaint is the inability to save multiple presets that have been edited with the PC editor or even manipulate the 3 basic parameters of the saved preset. If the pedal would allow any of that in the next firmware release, it would be a gamechanger.