Pearl Compact Traveler Full Bundle

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Bundle offer comprising

Pearl Compact Traveler Kit

  • Compact drum kit
  • Consists of an 18" bass drum and 10" snare drum
  • Snare holder is adjustable
  • Suitable for use with standard drumheads
  • Collapsible to a thickness of less than 5"
  • Padded handle for easier transportation
  • Can be tuned with a standard tuning key
  • Perfect for street music and small stages
  • PCTK-1810

Pearl 14" Add-on Tom f. Traveler Kit

  • Add-on Tom
  • Size: 14"
  • For Pearl Compact Traveller Kit
  • Holder for L-Rod mount

Pearl 10" Add-on Tom f. Traveler Kit

  • Add-On Tom
  • Size: 10"
  • For Pearl Compact Traveler Kit
  • Holder for L-Rod holder

Pearl Compact Traveler Bag

  • Transport bag
  • Suitable for Pearl Compact Traveler Kit
  • With shoulder strap

Pearl Compact Trav. Bag f. Add-ons

  • Tom Bag
  • Bag for add-on toms of the Pearl Compact Traveler Set

Set contains


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