Peter Hess phKS9-U2

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Singing Bowl

  • Peter Hess® Therapy Singing Bowls - The large pelvic bowl
  • The large pelvic bowl weighs about 2000 grams
  • This bowl has a diameter of approx. 28.5 cm and a height of approx. 11 -12.5 cm
  • This singing bowl offers a sound for the abdomen, which can be varied with different mallets
  • Struck with a large (soft) mallet lower sounds for the abdomen will be emitted, and with a medium hard mallet sounds for the solar plexus (above the navel) will be created.
  • The large pelvic bowl is stronger in sound intensity and is preferred for professional use
  • The singing bowl consists of 12 metals
  • Mallet recommendations: phFS-3h / phFS-3w / phGS-5a / phGS-6a / phGS-7a

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